Data Analytics with QlikView

There are 6 Modules in the Data Analytics & Data Visualization with Qlikview course

In module 1 , you will get an overview of BI Tools and you will be introduced to QlikView. Further you will learn about its features and architecture.In module 2, you will learn the need and different features of scripting. You will learn about script toolbar, adding/editing tabs, variables, fields, joins and keep. In module 3, you will learn about different QV data file types and ways to resolve the synthetic keys and circular reference.
In module 4, you will learn how to modify the existing data to a new data format. You will learn about different types of loads and tablesIn module 5, you will learn to visualize the data in QlikView. You will also be able to add various advanced functions in the report.In module 6, you will learn to analyze the data using set, indirect, and what-if analysis. You will also be learning about some advanced QV operations.