If you are looking to get your workforce trained on Microsoft PowerBI Desktop  – The Free Data Visualization Tool from Microsoft that Topped the Gartner Magic Quadrant in the year 2018 – 2019 leaving behind Tableau .

In order to get the List of Sample Microsoft Power BI Dashboard that we cover during our Corporate Training based on the Business Module that you are targeting email at info@instrovate.com from your official email id and let us know the Module that you want training.
Other Salient Features of the Microsoft PowerBI Corporate Training we conduct :
  • PowerBI Reports Design & Development specific to Module i.e. If you are into logistics you get to create a PowerBI Logistics Report , if you are in Supply Chain – Supply Chain PowerBI Report , Finance – Finance PowerBI Report , Sales – Sales PowerBI Report , Services – Services PowerBI Report and so on. 
  • Pre- Assessment and Post- Assessment of each participants along with the Data Set and Questionnaires for the assessment and individual feedback for improvement.
  •  Quick Handy booklet on important concepts of PowerBI to each participant.
  • Course Completion Certificate from Instrovate Technologies to each participant.



Microsoft Power BI is very strong in Data Modelling , Relationship Creation, Query Editor and to create a Generalized Model that can be used for multiple reporting need.

We offer Corporate Training in Data Analytics & Data Visualization using Microsoft PowerBI Desktop & Microsoft Power BI Services on the latest version available.

We have one of the Most Elaborate PowerBI Course Content Covering

  • Power BI Desktop , Power BI Services , Reporting Server ,
  • Power BI Integration With R ,
  • PowerBI Integration with Python ,
  • Data Research & Data Modelling using Fact & Dim Tables,
  • Understanding Reporting Schema / Star Schema / SnowFlake schema for Reporting  and
  • Microsoft Power BI Business Specific Dashboard Training for HR , Finance , Supply Chain , Logistic , Services, Manufacturing etc .
  • How to effectively Share the Power BI Report and Dashboard that you make with the other users who would like to collaborate on the work using Microsoft Power BI Services.
  • Microsoft Power BI Services Pro Licence Details and the Right Licence Mix that should be bought by the company.
  • With Microsoft Power BI Desktop & PowerBI Services you can ask Analytics Question in your natural language to get result. This training explores the NLP & AI features of PowerBI

To get a Specific Course Contact Tailored for your Corporate Training requirement please feel free to shoot an email at info@Instrovate.com from your office email id or WhatsApp at  +91 74289 52788 to know more .

The Objective of the PowerBI Corporate Training Is to Learn by Actual Hands on How to find valuable knowledge and actionable insights from the given data set .

This involves connecting the Data Set with one of the most popular Data Analytics tool currently in the market i.e. Microsoft Power BI and learn to create different interactive Reports and Dashboards while learning the intricacies of Data Discovery , Data Modelling,  Data Granularity ,  Data Visualization & Data Analytics during the process and Finally Share and Collaborate your Dashboard / Reports with other users by sharing it on Power BI Services “