Start Time

12:00 am

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

End Time

12:00 am

Friday, November 6, 2020




Event Description

Agile Scrum is important for any organization as it accelerates product delivery, enhance ability to manage changing priorities, increase productivity, reduces project risk, enhance software quality and many more.. This has become trusted approach for many companies-IBM, Adobe, IBM, Infosys, RBS to name a few. Agile and Scrum training will teach you to harness complex processes and apply Scrum techniques for project success.

Being a Scrum Certified ensures  you that you know How to consistently deliver High Priority requests. Most of the current Fortune 500 Companies have moved to Agility and Scrum is the practice that is being followed everywhere. In current day when Analytics plays such a vital role in delivering the end product , Agile and Scrum Knowledge is a must to effectively deliver end product.

  • Training Prerequisite – No PreRequisite
  • Audience:- Team Members, Team Leads, Test Engineers, Scrum Masters (including prospect scrum master), Testers, Documentation Professionals, IT team, Solution Designers, and many more…
  • Topics Covered in 2 days:
  1. I) Agile Workshop          
  •  Agile Manifesto Principles, Practices and Values
  •  Why and When Agile
  •  Three pillars of Scrum
  •  Agile methodologies
  1. II) SCRUM Framework
  • Scrum Values
  •  SCRUM Roles
  • Artifacts
  • SCRUM Ceremonies

 III) Agile Estimating, Planning and monitoring

  • User stories
  • Velocity
  • Release Planning
  • Units of Estimation
  • Techniques of Estimation
  • Tracking through Burndown charts, Boards
  1. IV) Introduction to Scaling Agile
  2. V) Tools for Agile Project Management

Detailed Course Content

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