Start Your Analytics Journey – Learn Tableau , Power BI, QlikSense i.e. Data Viz Tool etc.

I keep getting multiple questions every day from professionals coming from background other than Analytics. Due to all the Buzz around Analytics , they want to shift to analytics . And My answer to them is – Start Your Analytics Journey by Learning Tableau , Power BI etc  , Power BI etc (  A Good Data Visualization Tool )  . Below are the multiple reason for this suggestion :

1) I believe the only sustainable growth is the growth that is so slow that you do not even realize that you have grown . So when you come from a Different Background you need to have it Interesting . Too much of information without interest may scare you . Tableau , Power BI etc  , Power BI etc  as a Data Visualization Software , helps you see the valuable knowledge and Actionable Insight Hidden in your Data Quickly and Efficiently – generating an instant interest .

2) Tableau , Power BI etc  , Power BI etc  can connect to Excel , most of the Databases , Big Data ( Hadoop / Hive ) : so if you learn Tableau , Power BI etc  , Power BI etc  , its just a matter of fact to connect to whatever database you want whether its MS SQL Server ,Oracle ,Teradata ,Hortonworks Hive , Google Analytics , Sales Force … . You Name it and they have it .

So from analytics purpose it drill down to having the Data in your Data base and Knowing the Tool Tableau , Power BI etc  , Power BI etc  that will help you generating insight .So If you know how to create a Waterfall chart , you can do it on the data connected to Excel or Data hailing from Hive .

3) In Tableau , Power BI etc  , Power BI etc  when you start making charts / graphs in a fun way without even knowing you are learning the statistics which is a good thing for a new comer. Whether its Histogram, Box & Whisker Chart , Do Nut Chart , Waterfall chart , Pareto Chart , Speedometer chart , Bullet Chart , K Means Cluster Analysis , etc. Tableau , Power BI etc  keeps the Complex Statistics within and as an end user you are able to create a Beautiful Visualization for your Data .

4) As you continue working , you are able to appreciate the architecture , vizQl but till then you have been able to Deliver from Dashboards, You have been able to understand the questions that Business Raises based on the Data that you have … And in Analytics its Said , Data is the second most Important thing. The first most important thing is the “Questions”- So if you learn to Answer Question , your Analytics Journey has begun 🙂 .

5) As per my experience with some of my participants who learned Tableau , Power BI etc  while they were actually working in some other Technology , Tableau , Power BI etc  played a very interesting role . These guys learned Tableau , Power BI etc  without much thinking if they will get a job in this field, how will they use it etc. they just had the instincts and so learned it and started using it during their free Time and added it to their profile “Tableau , Power BI etc  Enthusiast”

Now this is how they got their wow moment , Knowing Tableau , Power BI etc  is “Self Service Analytics” – many Senior Managers , Leadership Team got Tableau , Power BI etc  Licence . But How much you know Tableau , Power BI etc  is tested only when you are able to answer the Questions that the Business has . So while doing “Self Service Analytics” and struggling to get the answer to their questions they saw a person in their team who “claims” to know “Tableau , Power BI etc ” . So this guy was called in and put up with the question , Here is the Data Set , Now (1) “Can You Tell me which all customer in the last Year were placing orders in the First Quarter , But did not make any Order in the Second Quarter ” (2) Can you Tell me How Many Users who logged in to our App to avail the First Time Order Discount but Did not Place any Order thereafter ?…… So The guy not only got a Break in Analytics Domain ,but also started evolving as Data Analyst while trying to answer the Questions .

6) You can Integrate Tableau , Power BI etc  with Advance Analytics Platform like “Python” , “R” . If you are looking to become a Data Scientist you need to be well versed with either of the two. If you know these “awesome” , if not , again the rule one comes, Rather than trying too many things at the first level itself while you keep using Tableau , Power BI etc  you can integrate Tableau , Power BI etc  with your “R” scripts to create some visualization , can connect to python code doing a Sentimental Analysis and create some Visualization on the top of it using Tableau , Power BI etc  … Just a word of caution & Disclaimer here – These are Tools that takes a substantial time to gain expertise ,and learning Tableau , Power BI etc  no way means it will make it easier for you . The only point that i am trying to put here is for a new comer while you “pluck the low hanging fruits” by using Tableau , Power BI etc  you also get to know about the Advance Analytics Platforms and you can gradually upgrade to these…

7) Tableau , Power BI etc  has been leading in the Gartner Magic Quadrant from past several years and If you compare from the number of jobs available in Tableau , Power BI etc  ( We can do a quick search on Job Trends in or any other Job Portal ) Tableau , Power BI etc  is leading much ahead than its other competitors in Data Visualisation Domain. There is one other aspect , Tableau , Power BI etc  Consultants are highly paid in New York / United States / UK as compared to consultants in India so as it has been seen in the past this becomes a hot product from outsourcing perspective

There are many other subtle benefits that i will keep adding to this ….. So keep watching this space .

If you are looking for a Corporate Tableau , Power BI etc  Training in Gurgaon you can either reach out to me at or whatsapp – +91-9953805788 . I have added this Article to my website at this link – , Power BI etc -training-consultant/corporate-Tableau , Power BI etc -training-in-gurgaon/ and at the same place on the left hand side , you can find many good resource to get your Tableau , Power BI etc  Journey started . Please do let me know if you are looking for any specific Topic and you are unable to locate.



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