Corporate Training : Full Day Professional Courses For a More Informed Work Force Delivering Value to Organization

We have multi year Experience of Corporate Training and our Trainers have trained participants from Fortune 10 companies to Start Up and have also conducted In Premises Training for Students from different Academic institute.   So Reach out to us if you are looking for Corporate Training to Build The Next Generation Analytical Workforce with an in-depth understanding of  Exploratory Data Analysis , Data Visualisation, Data Analytics , AI First , Machine Learning & Deep Learning Training & Consulting helping them to take Data Informed Decision at each stage of the business.

Academic Training & Online Training : Learn from a Working Professional at Your Academic Institute Or Live Online Class

Learn from an Expert at the comfort of Your Academic Institute Or in a Live Instructor Based Online Class from the Comfort of your Home .
Stop wasting time in transit . Study at Your Academic Institution in Full Day Professional Course or Enroll to a Live Instructor Based Online Class.

The Instructor based Live Online Class are with only selected participants , its easier to Follow around and you can take the right Doze of Learning each day with a Fixed Schedule , so if you only follow the classes for the required time you get a good grasp of the subject and also get proper time to practice before next class. This is great for people who likes a systematic approach and as these are Scheduled Sessions with an Expert making you learn while you continue to following your Day to Day office work .

Self Education - Get Answers to Your Day to Day Problem by Learning Through Blogs , YouTube Channel & Ask Questions In Forum

If you are the “Self Starter” type , you are at the right place.   Apart from the Self paced Videos , we also have other Self Learning Blogs on this site and our Blogging site –

Also This website has many video lessons that you can take up and finish it at your own speed . Most of videos are primarily Live Recordings of some Online Session , so you get the benefit of both the Doubts that any other participant can have , the Question that he may raise and then in Netflix style , you can finish multiple episodes on the same day based on your availability and capacity.

The Power Of Informed Data to Increase Revenue

Use the Power of Data Analytics , Data Visualization , Data Science , Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning , Deep Learning to Gather Insights that can bring Immediate Revenue to your Organization .

We offer Training & Consulting services that help Corporate to increase their revenue by finding valuable knowledge and actionable insights from Raw Data . Reach out to us to know More

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Upcoming Events

08 Jun
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Pentaho Data Integration Course Content

08 Jun
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Pentaho BI-BA Course

10 May
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Basic To Advance Microsoft Excel Training

16 Jun
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Advance Excel with Detailed Macros Training

07 May
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Create Dashboard in Microsoft Excel

08 May
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Basic Data Science with Python

06 May
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Basic Data Science with R

15 Apr
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